About the fiery flashes:

Find me here
where words tumble up
and burn their way onto the

It’s also like a tossed salad
of free verse

Whatever comes to mind.
Sometimes tomatoes get thrown at the screen.

Sometimes cucumber gets cut
a la carte
to be delicately placed
on your digital plate.

Hello all:)

I am an art student and a person who is interested in creativity, in all forms. There are many avenues that my heart wishes to travel down. One of the things that I do, every now and then, is write poetry. It’s often spontaneous, rather than thought out, and that is what I endeavor to achieve: moments in time; flashes of fire. Fire is all about passion, and I hope that through the various blogs I am working on, I can share that passion with the world.

Here are the blogs that I author:

The fire in my eyes – (being inspired and far from it) -This is my original blog. It contains just about everything from poetry, opinion, photography and articles about music. Basically, it’s all of me, in a haphazard, random fashion.

The fire in my eyes – (poetry and musings) – Hey! That’s this blog. Yes, reader, that’s this blog;) It’s got the same name as the other one and you can  think of it as a sort of offshoot where I focus on the poetry and writing side of things.

Flame.Photo.Lens – A blog where I share my passion for photography. I share photo’s and what I’ve learnt on the journey of photography.



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