Have you found what you are looking for?

U2 said it, in their popular song which states, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. .. (obvious reference, I know).

Well, have you? Have you found the infinite answer to everything? I doubt it. I also doubt that it’s 42… But it could be. It could be whatever you make it out to be , and that is the beauty of life. If you haven’t found what you are looking for, don’t dispair. I know I haven’t. The funny thing is that I haven’t even found what it is that needs to be looked for, if you know what I mean, and yet still, I sit as a generally positive person before you. Go figure.

One thing that I am looking for is a topic to blog about on wordpress.com. The reason I opened a wordpress account is because the design is so amazing and it’s like the blogging matrix where anything is possible… I have another account at blogger.com (http://inspiratience.blogspot.com) where I blog about life and inspiration. Let’s call it a personal blog for now.

So, hello WordPress bloggers and hello world! Now, I have a clean slate on wordpress; a blank canvas; a world where anything seems possible; but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…


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